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It is difficult to imagine modern life without restaurants, cafes. When planning a meeting with friends or colleagues, we are looking for a cozy establishment. Going on a date, we think about where to have dinner in Dushanbe. And when you need to choose an institution for the event (wedding, corporate party), we choose a comfortable spacious restaurant.

There are hundreds of offers. But how can one “not miss the mark” and choose exactly that ideal institution? It will take a lot of time and effort to go around all the restaurants and cafes in the center of Dushanbe and beyond, or restaurants with a view of Dushanbe. The choice is especially difficult when you are in the city passing through.

In such situations, MENU.TJ will be your ideal assistant. We have collected the most popular places that serve various dishes, in particular the classic European menu, original dishes, rolls and sushi.

Are you planning to drive guests to Tajik restaurants and cafes in Dushanbe? Or would you like to get acquainted with the gastro-masterpieces of Georgian or Italian cuisine? We are your reliable assistant in this – in a matter of minutes MENU.TJ will select for you exactly what you need.

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